Yankees in 20-run outburst, Yelich leads Brewers to 18-3 rout

The New York Yankees beat the Toronto Blue Jays 20-6 to return to second place in the MLB’s American League (AL) East.

After a bad form of threat threatened to knock the Yankees out of the playoffs, the Yankees returned better after six consecutive victories.

The Yankees on Tuesday ousted AL East Blue Jays opponents thanks to DJ LeMahieu and Luke Voit, who became the first players at the top of the New York strike line to have five RBIs in the same game.

Voit took home twice to improve his entire MLB to 18 and LeMahieu hit four to go with his five RBIs to New York, where the Yankees used a seven-run second-inning to see the Blue Jays .

The Yankees also returned to All-Star rival Giancarlo Stanton due to injury, following a 32-game absence.

Christian Yelich, meanwhile, returned home with a three-pointer to give the Milwaukee Brewers St Louis Cardinals 18-3 lead.

In the early 1-0, Yelich and Ryan Braun hit back-to-back solo homes to beat the Brewers in Milwaukee.

Senzatela completes the game, Duvall stays warm

Antonio Senzatela gave the first perfect game of his career after the Colorado Rockies defeated Oteland Athletics 3-1. He allowed six shots and eight batteries last year against the retired Athletics-leading AL West.

Adam Duvall became one with his 10th home in the homelone with the Atlanta Braves record. Duvall hit a home run for the 15th time of the season and 10th in the fourth month, and matched the franchise show for the matching season shared by Dale Murphy (1983) and Chipper Jones (1999). .

Ryan Yarbrough defeated the undefeated 16-man individual team as the AL-Tampa Bay Rays-east-leading World Series champions Washington National 6-1.

Weyful Walker

It was a tough exit for Taijuan Walker and the Blue Jays. Walker lasted only 1.6 hours and allowed seven runs, one win, and six hits. He also allowed back-to-back homers Voit and Aaron Hicks. Team-mate Shun Yamaguchi also struggled, allowing in seven hours to run seven runs in two shots.

Tuesday results

Cincinnati Reds 4-1 Pittsburgh Pirates
Tampa Bay Rays 6-1 National Washington
Boston Red Sox 2-0 Miami Marlins
Philadelphia Phillies 4-1 New York Metropolitan
New York Yankees 20-6 Toronto Blue Jays
Detroit Tigers 6-0 Kansas City Royals
Houston Astros 4-1 Texas Rangers
Atlanta Braves 5-1 Baltimore Orioles
Milwaukee Brewers 18-3 St Louis Cardinals
Chicago White Sox 6-2 Twins Minnesota
Chicago Cubs 6-5 Cleveland Indians
Colorado Rockies 3-1 Oakland Athletics
Los Angeles Dodgers 3-1 San Diego Padres
Arizona Diamondbacks 9-8 Los Angeles Angels
San Francisco Giants-Seattle Mariners (deferred)

Blue Jays in the Yankees

The Yankees will look forward to staying second in AL East when they resume fighting with the Blue Jays in their second game on Wednesday. Gerrit Cole will start for the Yankees, while Tanner Roark’s Toronto closes for half a week.

Published 16 September 2020, 11:58

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