Wildcats defense forces four turnovers for two scores

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Kentucky bounced back two blocks in the first half and the British defense took a total of 18 points in Tennessee after the Pigs lost a 17-game series at Knoxville by beating the Vols 34-7 on Saturday at the Neyland Stadium.

Kelvin Joseph scored a six-point lead in the second quarter and Jamin Davis later did the same in the quarter to give Pisik a 14-0 lead.

Kentucky (2-2, 2-2 SEC) had only 294 yards per game in total offense, but the Cats forced four UT rounds and scored 17 points from those fouls.

Quarterback Terry Wilson was in the air for 101 yards and an incident of 12 out of 15. Chris Rodriguez Jr. accelerated to 73 yards and one point for the Cats.

The trading teams traded idols to start the game, after which each team returned it to its back side. The first quarter will end with a still useless game.

Early in the second quarter, Kentucky rebounded and owned Tennessee. After landing the first drop, the quartet took UT manager Jarrett Guarantano and sent him back for a 41-meter shot. In the same weeks it was the second secondsiv tracking. Matt Ruffolo added an extra point and Kentucky led 7-0 with 12:47 in the remaining half.

On the owner of the last UT, the Cats did it again. When he drove to Tennessee, Guarantano was re-elected, this time by Davis, who threw a pass into the middle and returned it 85 yards out for the UK’s second-half defense of the first half. Ruffalo PAT gave the Cats a 14-0 lead with 10:33 to play in the first half.

Tennessee went on to own the last JT Shrout, but the result was the same. This time, it was the British defender behind Tyrell Ajian, who owned the Cats at UT 37.

When Ruffolo scored a 30-yard touch to give Britain a 17-0 lead with 6:18 to play in the half, Pisik took advantage of UT’s fourth-half lead in the first half.

Tennessee was able to finish in the middle of the half, using 14 games to fill 75 yards and a four-yard touchdown run from Ty Chandler. Brent Cimaglia increased the PAT and the Vols pulled in 17-7 with 1:36 to play in the half. That will be the midday point.

Vols three and went to own the first half of the second half. Kentucky took over and drove deep into Tennessee. On a third-and-goal from one, Wilson was in the corner of the end zone for a touchdown Allen Dailey Jr. Ruffolo increased the PAT and Pisces led 24-7 with 7:24 to play in the third quarter.

After another Tennessee punt, Kentucky drove the red zone UT again. But the Vols Cats stopped in the top ten and Britain were forced to give Ruffolo a 27-yard touchdown pass, which he converted to give Pisces a 27-7 lead with 1:02 in the third.

Tennessee three and again went out to own the back and Pisces turned to the back in the ground game. Kentucky scored in seven straight games, the last of which was a two-yard touchdown pass by Rodrugez. Ruffolo added another PAT and led the Cats 34-7 to 10:54.

Kentucky returns to action Saturday, visiting Missouri at the Columbia Memorial Stadium. Kickoff is set for ET 4pm and the game can be viewed on the SEC Network.

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