Week 2 Fantasy QB Rankings: Must-starts, sleepers, potential busts at quarterback

We will reach a point this season where some of our favorite QB dreams are not worth considering as imaginary beginnings. Week 2 is not like that, though. Coincidentally more than anything, the quarters with the best competitions have also prepared those bars that have been proven to be a start, these are young stars like Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes or competitors like Tom Brady and Matt Ryan. Daniel Jones, Drew Lock and Gardner Minshew, while playing some time this season, are good in the fantasy QB line of Week 2.

With that said, there are a few competitors in our top 12 that are worth your while to stop. Russell Wilson and the Seahawks host New England. Seattle is usually a tough place to go on a trip, but despite the fan boundaries in place, Week 2 will be our first shot to see if it affects the home advantage. We’ve discussed earlier this season how the Patriots defense may not be close to repeating last season, but still it is a talented one that we can hope will create a good map to stop an unparalleled talent like Wilson. While Wilson is still a fantastic start to the week, his surroundings are dominated by tough competition.

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On the other side of that game is Cam Newton, who for the first time in a long time after week 1 looked like a volunteer runner. He saw the last area twice with his feet, even though he only passed 19. Earlier in the season, we said Newton needed to regain his running ability to rekindle the imaginary relationship. Now that he has done so, he is at least looking forward to starting each week, even though we are not crazy about his Seattle 2 Week trip.

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There are also some reasons to worry that Deshaun Watson will come out against the Ravens. Watson’s Week 1 line-up ended up OK, but his touchdown pass and run came both when the game in Kansas City was not going well. Baltimore has one of the top defenders in the NFL, and Watson has shown that he has missed DeAndre Hopkins in the opening. The Baltimore game also raises concerns about possession time, which KC raised a question against Houston. Watson, too, remains a starter this week, even though he has less heads than normal.

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Two to seven quarters of the fantasy runners have big races in Week 2. Kyler Murray plays Washington, who has a strong passport but no equal average. Expect the Cardinals to be blamed for causing Washington problems. Josh Allen should take advantage of another AFC East opponent in Week 2 when the Bills travel to Miami – as long as Allen often avoids a tackle.

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You should also feel good about playing Dak Prescott (vs. Atlanta), Drew Brees (@ Raiders), Tom Brady (vs. Panthers), and Aaron Rodgers (vs. Ler) this week. If you have tough competitions like Jones (@Hear), Lock (@Steelers) or Minshew (@Titans) to negotiate in two-QB games, Mitchell Trubisky could really be a dream game of hosting the Giants, but you can still live. with Jones and Minshew because of their deceptive abilities.

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Note: Come back throughout the week, as we will continue to update our QB entries until the launch of the latest news base, as well as analyze a personal player.

Week 2 Fantastic QB Series

These rankings apply to four-point TD leagues.

China Actor
1 Lamar Jackson, BAL @ HOU
2 Patrick Mahomes, KC @ LAC
3 Kyler Murray, ARZ vs. Murray had some concerns with the 49th in Week 1, and both on the ground and in the air the second QB proved it was not a problem. The Washington pass passed Carson Wentz, but Murray is now at another level and should be started in every league.
4 Dak Prescott, DAL vs. ATL. Dak and the Cowboys struggled to find time to throw against the strong LA-Rams on Sunday night. Atlanta shouldn’t have the same problem, though, so Prescott should take the time to dig deep into Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup and CeeDee Berx. In Week 1, it was Russell Wilson against the Falcons who scored the most fantastic points of any QB on Sunday.
5 Aaron Rodgers, GB vs. DET
6 Russell Wilson, SEA vs NE. The Patriots picked up Ryan Fitzpatrick three times, but that’s not much to read when deciding to play Russian. He may be the best QB on your list at a decent rate, so you should play him and get your rewards.
7 Josh Allen, BUF @ MIA. Allen had a great week with two spending spells when the Bills finished in the final area. Miami let Cam Newton run the group on them in Week 1, and Allen can follow this draft this week following another big dream day.
8 Matt Ryan, ATL @ DAL. Ryan flew over the past 400 yards in the 1st week on the back of garbage-prevention time in front of the defenses. That’s something Ryan has been very good at in recent seasons, and if nothing else, you can count on a strong opponent against the latecomers.
9 Deshaun Watson, HOU Vs. BAL
10 Ben Roethlisberger, PIT vs. THAT ONE
11 Tom Brady, TB vs CAR. Brady scored two goals against the Saints, including a pick-up. On the light side, Carolina only allowed 34 points for the Raiders. This is a great opportunity for Brady to return, but Week 1 showed that there may be some pain in Tampa Bay, even for GOAT.
12 Drew Brees, NA @ LV. If Michael Thomas’s injury is anything serious from a distance, Brees takes a big hit. Emmanuel Sanders did not appear as a major addition in Week 1. You’re still playing Brees in most formats this week, because he, like Brady, will probably be coming back.
13 Jared Goff, LAR @ PHI
14 Ryan Tannehill, TEN vs. JAX
15 Matthew Stafford, DET @ GB
16 Jimmy Garoppolo, SF @ NYJ
17 Carson Wentz, PHI vs LAR. If Wentz’s struggles against Washington’s passing speed are a sign, he could fight again in Week 2 again against the Rams front where Dak Prescott drowned. Wentz could help with the return of Miles Sanders, who will add a multi-faceted dynamism to this attack.
18 Cam Newton, NE @ SEA. Newton ran 15 times in Week 1 for 75 yards and a touchdown. While eye testing is not everything, Newton looked healthy when he went. It will always be the biggest key for him, so Newton is on the verge of becoming an imaginary starter once again.
19 Philip Rivers, IND vs. YA MIN
20 Gardner Minshew, JAX @ TEN. Minshew made just one mistake in Week 1, and he led the Jags to a disappointing victory. Tennessee may be defending Indianapolis a bit, but Minshew may take advantage of Laviska Shenault’s exit to balance it out.
21 Daniel Jones, NYG @ CHI
22 Kirk Cousins, MIN @ IND
23 Joe Burrow, CIN @ CLE. Burrow really struggled in Week 1, and a week before they could play Football with the Browns on Thursday night could be a problem. Myles Garrett will be rolling his heels for this match. The biggest draw for Burrow dream owners was his willingness to walk in Week 1, which could save his value in weeks with a tough match.
24 Mitchell Trubisky, CHI vs. NYG
25 Baker Mayfield, CLE vs CIN. Mayfield roving dance feels like a long time, and not just because of the time-warping pandemic. His departures on Sunday were partly due to Baltimore being good in defense, but they were also bad games by Mayfield. You are not safe to start Mayfield until we see drastic changes in his performance.
26 Tyrod Taylor, LAC vs. KC. Taylor in week 1 he was not fast enough to spend the past day. Chiefs Deshaun Watson came under control too late in Week 1, so Taylor could stay in your seat this week.
27 Derek Carr, LV vs NA
28 Teddy Bridgewater, CAR @ TB. While the Teddy Two Gloves made some good games against Raiders in Week 1, the Tampa Bay defense showed how angry they can be at Drew Brees’ slowdown. You might take Bridgewater to play in front of the match tracks, but even in 2-QB leagues, we will stay away from the Buccaneers.
29 Drew Lock, DEN @ PIT
30 Dwayne Haskins, W @ @ ARZ
31 Ryan Fitzpatrick, MIA and BUF
32 Sam Darnold, NYJ Vs. SF

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