So much for Gregg Williams’ ballyhooed Jets defense

Governing conditions?

More like a sovereign.

On Friday, defense coordinator Gregg Williams said his defense was almost dominant, that he just had to finish games to become an elite. On Sunday, he was led by a 49ers defender without George Kittle and Deebo Samuel, who allowed 17 points seconds after the start of the opening in 31-13 loss that it was not even close.

If Raheem Mostert had not conceded the first game from 80 yards out, Jimmy Garoppolo would have shot the second in one foot or Jerick McKinnon would have scored the 55-yard touchdown in the third-and-31st.

“We had to eliminate all the explosive games on defense,” coach Adam Gase said. “We did not do that.”

Or, as sergeant Jordan Jenkins lamented, “We were just ashamed.”

Gregg Williams
Gregg WilliamsBill Kostroun / New York Post

Quinnen Williams refused to offer much on what went wrong, repeatedly saying he was forced to watch the film. He was the Jets’ best defensive player on Sunday, producing seven points and two assists.

“I’ll leave it at that: We have not shown progress,” Jenkins said. “The last two games have been washed away and repeated. Either they will always embarrass us or we will respond.

“It must stop.”

The 49ers produced a 359-meter offense, despite Garoppolo sitting in the second half with a hamstring injury. He ran for 182 yards on 29 climbs although Mostert injured his knee and left the game late in the second quarter.

For all the injuries the 49ers were dealing with, it was definitely a worse action than last Sunday’s poor attempt against the Bills, when the Jets allowed Josh Allen to cross with 312 yards and run for another 57 yards and run.

Jenkins said jet problems are not just a problem. Those men are not in the right places, coming out of their designated voids, where the 49s run long over Mostert and McKinnon.

“After this week, it hurts. We are proud of ourselves [stopping the run], and it seems we do not stop running, “Jenkins said.” Do not go [like] we are proud of it. Supposed We suspect we will be stopping protection. “

Gregg Williams, the team’s defensive coordinator, tried to boost her performance against the Bills, saying that if Jetan had been able to overtake Allen he would have emerged “dominant”. It will be difficult for him to say anything positive about this show.

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