Sad Giants trend continues with another 0-2 start

CHICAGO – The Giants should ask the NFL to start the next season with a two-pointer just to stay in Week 3.

For the fourth straight season and the seventh time in eight years under four different coaches, the Giants opened the season with back-to-back defeats, after losing to the Steelers. the Bears lost Sunday 17-13.

The Giants won the Super Bowl after a 0-2 start in 2007, but did not reach the game after six 0-2 starts. Their playoff field came in 2016 after a 2-0 start.

Since 1993, 88 percent of teams that start 0-2 lose the playoffs, although there is still a postseason pre-season to extend their hopes in this conference.

“I’m trying to make history,” corner corner James Bradberry said when asked about those numbers. “We still have 14 games left. We will only try to get the first one. “

Realistic expectations for the Giants do not reflect the playoff appearance in coach Joe Judge’s first season. But the slight improvement also looks like a long trail given the potential for the rest of the season’s game. without Saquon Barkley.

“As a team,” said coach Joe Judge, “we have to put fire to our feet.”

Want a fun sign for protection?

With 17-13 points behind and a late stoppage time needed in the fourth quarter, Blake Martinez broke the fourth-and-second pass, but the ball went to lineman striker Bobby Massie for the first-down shot. It could pull the air out of the defense, and that meant it only took an hour to drop the first Bears.

But the Giants showed spiritual resilience and captured the Bears who made a wide-ranging 50-yard square yard.

“I’m not going to lie to you: It was a difficult situation,” Martinez said. “I knew it would be too late in the face of adversity. I waited and broke it and it goes straight to the offensive line, that ‘s something you do not expect. Then, you have to be an expert and prepare for the first setbacks. “

Giants narrowly prepare Kaden Smith to be beaten by Bears cornerback Jaylon Johnson.
Giants narrowly prepare Kaden Smith to be tightened by Bears cornerback Jaylon Johnson.EPA

The judge, who was always ready, also had a strategy to help Barkley’s injury after his knee injury. Barkley walked sideways with one arm around his coach and one around a coach.

“He just simply was a great friend and I wanted to make sure he did the least amount of stress on his leg,” the judge said, “and tried to just lift the weight.”

The last time the Giants lost a second-half goal was on November 21, 2004 against the Falcons.

That game is best remembered as the start of Eli Manning’s first career, when the midday loss was 14-0 with a 14-10 loss.

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