Reason why a USA Network executive was reportedly unhappy about WWE firing Paul Heyman as RAW Executive Director

Paul Heyman was SLEEP About a full year Executive Director. When he was taken he was responsible for taking over the creative side WWEthe main exhibition in July 2019, mostly had a sense of excitement.

In the eyes of many fans, it was a change that WWE desperately needed and Paul Heyman was a person whose creative vision was well-respected. While many of the RAW episodes that had been aired or missed were hard to deny the general improvement that the show had undergone.

One of the most notable changes Paul Paul made to RAW was that he uses active, super-stars to watch the future into RAW programs around the clock like Brock Lesnar.

Numerous superstars also benefit from it, such as Drew McIntyre, Aleister Black, Apollo Crews, Andrade, and more. According to Dave Meltzer Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a man named Chris McCumber, who recently vacated his post as President of NBC Universal USA and SyFy Networks.

According to Meltzer, McCumber was a great supporter of Paul Heyman and his vision of RAW. He was told the evaluation would take a hit, but it would be a gamble for a long time because the plan was to build a lot of new stars. McCumber liked this idea and was not happy again when Paul Heyman was fired and the focus was on the old stars.

What is the downfall of the Paul Heyman era on RAW?

Bruce Prichard also took over as RAW and SmackDown CEO after Paul Heyman was fired. While the reviews found a balance in the next month or two, SmackDown had better numbers and boasted more of a show from a creative standpoint.

It seems that there will always be a conflict between Paul Heyman and Vince McMahon as they both have different views and a common approach. Paul Heyman’s work was not loved by everyone, however, as AJ Styles was one of the names to vote against him due to various issues – the main one he accused Heyman of being responsible for Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson being released. .

Published 21 September 2020, 06:19

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