‘Pissed’ Adam Gase is feeling the heat after Jets disaster

The Jets threw gold on Sunday… and that was the last positive thing that happened to the team.

49ers defeated Gang Green 31-13 was injured at the MetLife Stadium despite the pain, but played the second half with his back quarterback and lost his star player in defense.

None of them are important now against these unruly Jets. They can do nothing right. Crime column. Column protection. Coach won. It is a complication that no one will solve.

Fans will call on coach Adam Gase to be fired, but owner Christopher Johnson just gave him a vote of confidence and the problems of this team are deeper than one man. The fact is that Gase needs to fix this soon or he will be lost at the end of the season.

“I’m dirty now,” Gase said. “Va [bleep’s] not fun to go out there and hit your ass. We need to get better soon. “

The Jets are now 0-2 for the second straight year under Gase and three of those last four years return from the time of Todd Bowles as coach. It was the second week in a row that the Jets were out of the game for half time.

It felt like it was finished in 17 seconds. It was some time before the 49ers ran back to Raheem Mostert to walk around the right side of the defense and go for an 80-meter shot. The San Francisco Jets threw the ball and Mostert hit 23.1 miles per hour as he slowed down the Jets defense.

“We have not shown any progress,” said Jordan Jenkins. “The last two games have been washed away and repeated. Either we will always be embarrassed or we will respond.”

49ers tremble in this game. They lost winger George Kittle and winger Richard Sherman as well as wide receiver Deebo Samuel and defensive end Dee Ford. During the game, they split passport star Nick Bosa from the ACL and lost his wife Solomon Thomas. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo threw his fist on Quinnen Williams’ first-quarter net and spent the rest of the half on one foot before leaving the game in the middle of the pitch safely.

Adam Gase
Adam GaseCharles Wenzelberg / New York Post

None of that mattered because the 49ers JV team proved to be enough to dominate the Jets, who had their own injuries but still had to be more competitive than that.

The defense allowed 359 meters and could not leave the field from the third descent (7 of 13 conversions). When Jerick McKinnon ran 55 yards they allowed a third-and-31 turn. Garoppolo went 14 and 16 for 131 yards and two assists despite playing on a broken corner.

“We didn’t play the game we needed to,” Gase said. “We need to get rid of all the explosive defensive games. We didn’t do that.… When you play a good team, even though they were lacking with their youngsters, we need to find a way to be more sustainable and in “Sometimes play complementary football.”

On offense, the Jets had two good drivers in the first half of 13 games and 11 games. The first ended in a field goal to give the result a 7-3 lead. Following Jordan Reed’s Garoppolo win, the 49ers Jets stopped in the fourth-and-first at San Francisco 20 to finish second. Niners linebacker Fred Warner had previously told Jets goalkeeper Greg Van Roten that Josh Adams would not back down for not winning.

“I felt like we were looking for a good rhythm of the ball,” said quarterback Sam Darnold, who went 21 of 32 for 179 yards and one touchdown. “It’s just about finishing in the red zone.”

After a four-game run, the 49ers put together a 13-game drive, assisted by Henry Anderson on a pass from the third, which ended in a second-day loss to Reed and a 21-3 lead for the 49ers.

Garoppolo and Mostert both left the game in the middle of the night, but that didn’t matter.

Jets corner Pierre Desir flew to the final zone in the third quarter when he blocked Nick Mullens in the back quarter and sent him back to San Francisco 22. The jets reached 7, but Chris Herndon hesitated to throw a touchdown and Gase sat down for a field goal. his team went back with three touchdowns.

“When you play that defense, there aren’t a ton of great games on the fourth-and-7th,” Gase said.

The Jets finally reached the final area where they left the game on a 30-yard Darnold 30-yard touchdown with Braxton Berrios 1:33. They have had three relationships in two weeks and two of them arrived during the trash.

The Jets are now heading to Indianapolis to face the Colts on Sunday, trying not to make a 0-3 start.

“We just lost a football game. No one walks around and screams,” Darnold said. “It hurts. No one shouts at each other. We understand that we have to stay together. It ‘s just our second dance game. “Obviously, we did not expect these two games to go that way, but we have to get our heads around it and go to work and prepare for a tough Indy team.”

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