Patriots vs. Seahawks live score, updates, highlights from NFL ‘Sunday Night Football’ game

Patriot rival Cam Newton proved he could be a dominant team in last week’s win over the Dolphins, but his match against the Seahawks on Sunday night should provide a better idea of ​​what to expect from him this season. bike.

At his New England show, Newton went 15 of 19 for 155 yards in the air and ran for 75 pools and two touchdowns. The Seattle defense offers a tougher test not only for the former Panthers star but also for the re-established Patriots team that goes back to the time of Tom Brady.

Meanwhile, the Seahawks are more confident in their ability to compete this year. They are still looking into the heart of Russell Wilson as their brilliant leader and are relaxed from Week 1 on the Falcons.

Sporting News updates and updates from Patriot vs. Seahawks are watching “Sunday Night Football. “For the results as a whole NFL Week 2 game.

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Welatparêz vs. Seahawks points

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 All
Patriotic 7 7 3 17
Seafarers 7 7 7 21

Patriot vs. Seahawks live updates, highlights from ‘Sunday Night Football’

10:24 pm: To close. Dunbar lifts Newton.

10:15 pm: TOUCHDOWN, Seahawks. Moore takes another deep throw from Wilson. 21-17, Seattle.

10:13 pm: Gilmore and Metcalf walk next to her after a play.

10:06 pm: PURPOSE OF THE FIELD, Patriotic. Jamal Adams Newton hit on a third-and-goal for force. 17-14, New England.

10:05 pm: Nice drive from Newton to Edelman.

9:59 pm: New England takes the ball to start the second half.

Half-time: Patriots 14, Seahawks 14

9:43 pm: The Seahawks dropped a point at 1 with 18 seconds left in the half. New England kneel to save time.

9:40 pm: Wilson takes a stupid bag after running straight back. He is second-and-26th.

9:40 pm: Lockett returns.

9:39 pm: Wilson’s third-down throw is not over, but Seattle’s first-half defensive gifts are down. Seahawks translator Tyler Lockett shuddered after the game.

9:37 pm: Wilson makes a small mental mistake by throwing the ball in front of the ice line. That flag makes her third-and -19.

9:32 pm: Approaching a two-point warning, David Moore from Wilson throws a low throw near the center field to bring the chains down on the third.

9:26 pm: Seattle dropped a deceptive game around the rocks on the third. The 51-yard field goal attempt by Nick Folk goes to the left.

9:24 pm: Now Newton enters the rhythm, pacing for the first consecutive landings. It has been such a fun game so far.

9:18 pm: TOUCHDOWN, Seahawks. DK Metcalf Stephon Gilmore burns the deep corner of the All-Pro. 14-14.

9:13 pm: Patriots punt.

9:12 pm: Newton drops almost one-six, but Quinton Dunbar blocks the elimination route.

9:05 pm: New England dismiss Wilson to remove the Seahawks from the field goal area. Seattle will punt.

8:56 pm: TOUCHDOWN, Patriot. Cam Newton records his third touchdown of the season. 14-7, New England.

End of first quarter: Patriots 7, Seahawks 7

8:48 pm: The Patriots put their guilt in the fourth-and-third place in the field court. Newton sees Harry in the middle for N’Keal’s first landing, and New England’s illegal strike further lowers the field. Quandre Diggs has been removed due to a personal file.

8:47 pm: Newton saves a potential bag from the second drop, then drops to third-and -7 for one.

8:39 pm: TOUCHDOWN, Seahawks. Tyler Lockett snakes behind the area at the end of the snake, and Wilson sees him with a perfect strike. 7-7

8:34 pm: Wilson rushes 21 men to let the Seahawks cross the red zone.

8:26 pm: TOUCHDOWN, Patriot. Wilson picks-six. Devin McCourty gets him home before yelling at James White, whose parents had an accident early Sunday. 7-0, New England.

8:23 pm: SNF continues in Seattle.

Patriots vs Seahawks time is running out

In 2020 all games of “Sunday Footballev Football” also have a start time of 8:20 pm ET. In addition to Week 17, there are Sunday night games for each week of the season, although the NFL has the ability to put a game into the Week 17 SNF window.

Program ‘Sunday Footballev Football’ 2020

Week 1 September 10 (Wednesday) Kansas City Heads Vs. Houston Texans
September 13th Los Angeles Rams vs. Dallas Cowboys
Week 2 September 20 Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriot
Week 3 September 27th New Orleans Saints vs. Green Bay Packers
Week 4 October 4th San Francisco 49ers vs Philadelphia Eagles
Week 5 11 October Seattle Seahawks vs.
Week 6 October 18th San Francisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles Rams
Week 7 October 25th Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Las Vegas Raiders
Week 8 November 1st Philadelphia Eagles Vs. Dallas Cowboys
Week 9 November 8th Tampa Bay vs. Buccaneers New Orleans Saints
Week 10 November 15th New England Patriots vs. Baltimore Ravens
Week 11 November 22nd Las Vegas vs. Raiders Kansas City Presidents
Week 12 November 29th Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears
Week 13 December 6th Kansas City Heads Vs. Denver Broncos
Hefte 14 13 December Buffalo Bills Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
Week 15 20 December Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers
Week 16 27 December Packers vs. Green Bay Tennessee Titans
Hefte 17 January 3rd TBD

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