Ohio State runs past Indiana, but one passing question persists

Number 3 Ohio State has stated what it has to offer to win the Grand Slam.

The Buckeyes used the same all-weather formula to beat No. 42-35 in Tennessee. However, the Hoosiers met in the second half and explained what could happen to Ohio State if it does not stabilize before the Big Ten championship and the College Football Playoff.

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Ohio State (4-0, 4-0 Big Ten) can shoot the ball and stop the run. Buckeyes can pass too – but can they stop the pass? It’s so easy to move forward. The Indiana (4-1, 4-1 Big Ten) left the cliffhanger there after Michael Penix Jr 27 crossed the 51st minute to 51 for 491 yards and five touchdowns when a remarkable second-half comeback went through.

Hoosiers had a chance to win the game. Ty Fryfogle (7 shots, 218 yards, three touchdowns) dropped to fourth-and-2 passes in the first quarter. David Ellis fumbled in the red zone in the second quarter. Penix outscored Shaun Wade in the third quarter. Indiana can take the chances out of their hands and still work ahead of a potential door to New Year 6.

The Buckeyes have the national championship demands, and that road remains open despite the need for refinement. Heisman Trophy contestant Justin Fields (18 of 30, 300 yards, two touchdowns, three blocks) matched his combined performance for his career in success. Fields picked up two first-quarter pickings and picked up two bags, but some of those struggles can be explained by the distance from what worked in the first half.

Ohio State built a 28-7 lead with a consistent dominant play. The Master Teague scored on a 41-yard touchdown pass, then added another 2-yard touchdown on the other owner. The fields came out of the bag and remained in the half for 17 seconds with a 9-yard touchdown. Teague (26 yards, 169 yards), Fields (15 yards, 78 yards) and Trey Sermon (9 yards, 60 yards) accelerated the attack with 23 yards for half of the 196 yards. Ohio State finished with 50 lifts for 307 yards.

Lessons? The Buckeyes can win the Big Ten championship with this quick attack. Indiana, who ran 16 times in the negative yard, could have made this top-10 show with a better game.

So, what is transit protection? It will be the subject of criticism this week. Ohio State allowed six games of 25 yards or more in the win, including four games of 50 yards or more. Those catching defeats for the Hoosiers led to 28 points in the second half.

It may not be significant in the last ten decades against Illinois, Michigan State and Michigan, but the Big Ten West champions – who could be Wisconsin and former Graham Mertz – can prove it. So can the College Football Playoff rivals, who will be competing throughout the Tofa Heisman level competitions.

Good news? The state of Ohio has time to rectify that. The Hoosiers defense caught on to two potential game-connection drivers. The Buckeyes have reached 14-0 against the Ten Major Teams since second year coach Ryan Day assisted Urban Meyer’s staff in 2017. It is part of a series of 18-game victories against conference opponents who lost 17-14 in a row. 9 Michigan State on November 21, 2015.

Other competitors will follow Indiana map with better attacks to support. Now, it’s up to the State of Ohio to slow down the transition at least if it wants to win its first national championship since 2014.

Ohio State vs Big Ranked Big Teams

Rojek Com The situation at hand The enemy The situation at hand
28 November 2015 Number 8 Ohio State 42 Number 12 Michigan 13
October 15, 2016 Number 2 Ohio State 30 Number 8 Wisconsin 23
5 November 2016 Number 6 Ohio State 62 Number 9 Ohio State 3
November 26, 2016 Number 2 Ohio State 30 Number 3 Michigan 27
October 28, 2017 Number 6 Ohio State 39 Number 2 Penn State 38
November 11, 2017 Number 11 Ohio State 48 Number 13 State of Michigan 3
2 December 2017 Number 8 Ohio State 27 Number 3 Wisconsin 21
29 September 2018 Number 4 Ohio State 27 Number 9 Penn State 26
November 10, 2018 Number 8 Ohio State 26 Number 24 State of Michigan 6
November 24, 2018 Number 10 Ohio State 62 Number 4 Michigan 39
January 1, 2018 Number 6 Ohio State 45 No. 21 Northwest 24
October 5, 2019 Number 4 Ohio State 34 Number 25 State of Michigan 10
October 26, 2019 Number 3 Ohio State 38 Number 13 Wisconsin 7
November 23, 2019 Number 2 Ohio State 28 Number 9 Penn State 17
30. November 2019 Number 2 Ohio State 56 Number 10 Michigan 27
December 7, 2019 Number 2 Ohio State 34 Number 10 Wisconsin 21
October 31, 2020 Number 3 Ohio State 49 No. 18 Penn State 27
November 21, 2020 Number 3 Ohio State 42 Number 9 Indiana 35

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