Kyler Murray for MVP? Don’t think for a ‘second’ it can’t happen

Patrick Mahomes won the NFL MVP award in his second season in 2018. Lamar Jackson won the NFL MVP award in his second season in 2019.

Is Kyler Murray ready to continue its second year trend in 2020? The question is not too soon after the Cardinals Murray won 30-15 against Washington in Week 2 and improved to 2-0.

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Murray is trending as much as those last two MVPs on Sunday. He added two more runners-up over the quarterfinals, giving him three TDs for the season, and both runs went viral. They were part of a day when he had eight loads for 67 yards to go with a 26-of-38 pass of 286 yards, with TD and suspension.

As Mahomes and Jackson continue to dominate the AFC, Murray shines in the light of the NFC. ,, Hey, Murray is just one of the three to win the Roca of the Year.

Murray’s running yard is his style of play. He leads the NFL to 158 yards per game with a total of two games. He is there with the Browns behind Nick Chubb, who fell on Sunday as the league speed leader with 184 yards. Cardinal coach Cliff Kingsbury has done a good job up to this point to rely heavily on Murray’s feet, but he will be further tested and know that Murray is in the lift with an average of 7.5 yards.

In the meantime, Murray’s passing, will be an item in a potential MVP run. He scored 16 of 20 attempts in the first half on Sunday for 189 yards, with TD and INT, to help the Cardinals build a 20-0 lead.

In the fourth quarter, Murray overturned a driver who was locked in by DeAndre Hopkins for a 25-yard touchdown pass and Larry Fitzgerald for a 12-yard touchdown pass. Washington gathered in the fourth quarter to cut the lead to 27-15, but Murray scored another goal to put the game ahead. He got help on that ride from Kenyan Drake, who finished with 20 86-meter lifts.

Arizona did not try to save time. He went for another point, where he rose with a field goal that lasted 30 seconds. Kingsbury’s super-aggressive approach to crime is based on an increase in trust in Murray.

Murray proved that his Week 1 performance against the 49ers NEF defender who suffered serious injuries in Week 2 was not a success. The Cardinals are one of five teams in the NFC with the Packers, Bears, Rams and Seahawks 2-0. Saints can join that group, too.

Arizona may be the most amazing team, but again, it is not a monster.

The Cardinals program is set up to stay in the talk as well. Arizona’s other three opponents – Lear, Panthers and Jet – are 0-6 together in two weeks. There is a great opportunity to create a monstrous rivalry with the Cowboys on October 19 during the prime time.

The Cowboys may the most exciting team in the NFL, but with two weeks Murray looks like the most exciting player.

A type of player who can leave Arizona in the NFC West competition and place himself in the MVP competition with Mahomes and Jackson.

Who can argue with that trend now?

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