K. Michelle Reveals She ‘Cried For Days’ After Losing Out On A Role In ‘P-Valley’

STARZ’s P-Valley escaped from a drama that hit the television screen in July. One character in particular has quickly become a fan-favorite: Mercedes, played by Brandi Evans. Now, R&B singer K. Michelle indicates that he was almost cast in the role of marquee.

In a recent Instagram video, K. Michelle revealed that she will audition for the episode for months. In the end, the investigation process only whitewashed her and Evans in the race, but she eventually went to Evans. Disappointed, the R&B singer explained that things were because “her body did not fit together.”

ICYMI: October 2019, K. Michelle open the effects of the surgery worked on her body after her needle holes were removed they were poisonous.

“My body was not together, I had holes. All of them. He does an amazing job on what he does. But I did not watch it at all. I watched it, the first two parts. It hurt so bad, ”said K. Michelle agreed. He was emotional when he lost the role.

“It does not bother me that you see me doing this. [P-Valley] the thing is because I was so close to her, “she admitted.” It was my first role that I was really so close to her. He was badly injured, man! It hurts me. It hurt me so badly! Because I was so close. It was between me and her. I was arrested for the episode and it didn’t happen, so I was hurt. I’m hurt. ”

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However, K. Michelle had nothing but love and praise for Evans and Katori Hall, the creator of the exhibition, saying, “I am very proud of Katori, who is from Memphis. Brandi from Memphis. I am very proud of these women. Although the R&B singer did not deny that the loss is still burning.

“Maybe the second season I can be writing,” Michelle said. But the thing is that it was something between me and her, I will not lie, I cried over it. “I’ve been hurting about it for days, depressed, depressed. It’s been months. You know? Now I have tears in my eyes. It ** hurts. I was so close, you know? But God knew, ‘K, you are not safe from your body right now. K, you need to fix those holes in your body. ‘You know what I mean? God knew. But knowing that you were so close, it was between you and her. “That s ** t is heavy. It will be ** heavy on everyone. To see the show… I’m proud as a f ** k. I’m so proud.”

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