Janelle Monáe Says Megan Thee Stallion Shooting Reactions Made Her ‘Sick’ To Her Stomach

Janelle Monáe said he was “sick” of Tum Lanez from his stomach after receiving treatment from Megan Thee Stallion.

On Monday (September 14th), Monáe appeared in the final episode of the Jemele Hill podcast in which the two discussed how Black women are often not supported by people in their community when it comes to human accountability.

“I think what I am trying to do is to come from a place of love, but love is not without responsibility,” Monáe stressed. “Just because you see someone in charge, does not mean you do not love them. It is the greatest form of love, because it says, ‘Listen, we can be better than that. I want you to. ji va. ‘”

The Antebellum star said he was “sick [her] belly ”to see the victim-culprit that continues around Megan.

It is strong. But he needs to be able to go through that, ”Monáe said. “There should be no need to prove to people who think he is lying that he is not lying.”

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Back in July, the rapper was Houston sprayed on both her legs after a party in the Hollywood Hills area. It was not until August that Megan publicly recognized Lanez like the one he shot after weeks of online speculation. Before that, the 25-year-old was relieving her pain with gossip, memes and jokes, and he let her go. an emotional Instagram video address of the event on 27 July. “It was the worst experience of my life, and not a joke,” Megan said. “It simply came to our notice then. There was nothing to go and start making up false stories. I did not shake hands with anyone. I did not deserve to be shot. ”

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Monche stressed that those who benefit from patriarchy should speak not to be an ally but “to be partners with Black women and those who do not benefit from the patriarchal system.”

“Violence should be condemned in all its forms. It is not a gender issue. It should be condemned. I think that when you, when we talk about Black women, though, we are unjustly affected by it,” she said. she said. “So my point is to say in the same way that we want white people to want to overthrow the system of racism and oppression, I ask them, and this includes Black men.if you do this work, then I will not talk to you.

“If you are taking advantage of this white patriarchal system in a way that we do not take advantage of, I ask you to chat with more men about how you can be better supportive, how you can be better for Black women and other people. may not be as privileged as you are in this world. “

For the full interview, listen below:

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