J.R. Smith says Sam Dekker is the only teammate he didn’t like: ‘Talking some Trump s—’

JR Smith and Sam Dekker have only been friends for about four months, but it was clearly enough time for the two not to get along.

Appearing in the final episode of the “All Things Closed” podcast, Smith revealed that Dekker was the only player in his NBA career who was not with him. Smith has many friends, playing for five different NBA teams from 2004 to 2020, so the fact that he did not like Dekker really stands out.

“Throughout my career, he’s just one friend I really don’t like. He knows that. Everybody else, I’m just happy with him,” Smith said. “This is friend Sam Dekker, dog. I can not – this friend of his. He did some garage one day- on the bus, talking to some Trump-, and I just wasn’t there.”

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When asked for his details, Smith gave an indefinitely pleasant answer.

“For the question he asked, it’s a way of thinking. You learn it. It’s not – it’s the hatred you give it. Feel I feel like it’s something you learned. It’s not – the privilege he gave it. was taught to him, and he listened to him and ran away from the one who was not hers – from what they had forgotten and the life he had not forgotten – because some people only go through their own lives – does not need to know, but is unaware of it and is confidential about someone else’s conditions.He is someone who is aware of someone else’s conditions and wants to keep them there, instead of trying to help him rise.I am in I do not respect that. “

In the same year (2018) Smith and Dekker became friends, the latter finding themselves in the headlines after comments he made on social media. Dekker tweeted an article to his former colleague in Wisconsin, Bronson Koenig, that there was a problem. that one tişt the motto was: “Whites Do Not Culture.”

In response to Koenig tweeting, Dekker tweeted: “Let it not be in my face that a white boy is something I am ashamed of. I am proud of who I am and you should be too. But you are Native American and “BK is also white. This article talks about a lot of inaccuracies in our ‘culture’ that we don’t seem to have.”

It is unclear whether that incident played a role in the relationship between Smith and Dekker. It happened the same year, but the tweet came in June, before Dekker was in business with the Cavs in August.

Dekker responded to Smith’s comments with a tweet that he later removed.

“Well, I’m just as involved as you,” Dekker tweeted. “I’m very comfortable. I’ve never been so involved in politics. Especially ‘Trump s-.’ “I was never a Trump man, so I went blind.”

UPDATE: Dekker’s wife Olivia Harlan Dekker responded to Smith’s allegations on Twitter. Then when the two thoughts exchanged they met Smith and left.

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