City councilman calls for investigation into Richard Carranza’s new job

Efforts by Richard Carranza, a former school principal, to get a new job with an e-learning company raised millions of dollars under his rule should be questioned, a city council struggling.

Learning IXL announced that he had appointed Carranza on April 1 as head of global strategy and development – less than three weeks after his last day in charge of NYC public schools.

Councilor Robert Holden (D-Queens) called on two city agencies – the Bureau of Investigation and the Dispute Resolution Board – to investigate the Carranza movement.

Holden wrote in letters to each agency, writing to each agency, “Given the short time he (he) has been employed, please inquire whether the negotiations between Prime Minister Carranza and the IXL took place at a time when the Prime Minister still operated by New York City, “a violation of morality. ”

The DOE has provided $ 5.6 million to IXL since 2011 to use its training software, up from $ 3.3 million in the COVID-19 pandemic in the last two years.

Under NYC law, city employees cannot take steps to look for a company they work with as part of their city job.

Holden told The Post: “Suddenly he quit his $ 363,000 annual job because the prime minister was proposing he had something to look back on.”

Mayors Bill de Blasio and Richard Carranza on 26 February 2021.
Mayors Bill de Blasio and Richard Carranza on 26 February 2021.
Ed Reed / Office of Photographic Orality

A spokesman for the Ministry of Education said Carranza had followed all job-searching and cancellation rules “when he secured his job with IXL”. ”

The COIB said it could not comment on Holden’s request or it would investigate. But officials confirmed that former city officials were still being investigated – and paid up to $ 25,000 for each violation.

Investigation Department spokeswoman Diane Struzzi said she had sent Holden a letter to the Special Commissioner of Inquiry, which investigates what is being said by DOE staff and salespeople.

But Holden complained that SCI did not register other complaints about Carranza and his senior deputies.

February 25, 2021: Coming soon NYC School President Meisha Ross Porter, Mayor Major Bill de Blasio and former President Richard Carranza on February 25, 2021.
NYC School President Meisha Ross Porter, Mayoraredar Bill de Blasio and former President Richard Carranza on 25 February 2021.
Her Herrick

“I do not believe this will be fully investigated in a timely manner,” he said.

SCI spokeswoman Regina Gluzmanova will not comment.

There is also a candidate for City Controller, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera called for an investigation of DOE costs under the IXL contract, which exceeded the $ 1 million limit in 2016.

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