Breonna Taylor’s Mother On Trump: ‘He’s A Clown’

Breonna Taylor was murdered and murdered by police seven months ago and her family is still fighting for justice. Although no charges have been filed against officers who took the 26-year-old in his apartment, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron to resign and appoint a special prosecutor.

With just weeks to go before the election, Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, has spoken out about President Trump. Palmer said The Independent Neither Trump nor his aides have ever contacted her about the murder of Breonna, the EMT who was a key worker.

“Not that I would want to hear from him either,” she said.

“He is ridiculous, he has said what he has said many times. He is just someone else I do not want to deal with in this way. I am not one of those people like him.”

Regarding his language and the divisions he is burning in the country, she admitted, “Of course … It makes no sense. [in] many things he says. Then again, when things don’t go his way, he likes to throw a punch like a two-year-old. “

However, Palmer spoke with former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris, “I have spoken to Miss Harris several times. I talked to Biden, maybe once, but I also talked to other people. They certainly reached out to them, they asked for condolences. They checked whether I was okay or not. ”

GIRT: Breonna Taylor Case: Grand Jury Accuses Only One Officer of Endangering Wanton

On September 23, the court panel issued three numbers. “dangerous danger”In the first instance against another officer Brett Hankinson set fire to another house. ONE $ 15,000 cash connection was also linked to the defendants. Two other officers, Sgt. John Mattingly and Det. Myles Cosgrove, have not been charged and remain in power. Hankinson was fired in July.

After midnight on March 13, Hankison, Cosgrove and Mattingly made a botched “no-knock” decision at Taylor’s apartment that he shared with Walker. Believing they were assailants, Walker gave his weapons and ammunition to the officers. The 26-year-old Taylor was beaten six times and died. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron claimed he did not follow the order and police reported him before entering the home.

Daniel Cameron e opposed a gag order was lifted from the major judges after two members asked for judicial help to allow them to go public with their stories.

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