April Walker: Meet The Woman Who Shaped 90s Hip Hop Fashion With Streetwear Worn By Tupac, LL Cool J, And More!

At BET, we have the privilege of celebrating Black every day. On the occasion of Black History Month, when we profile some of the most influential Black people in the fashion and beauty industries — especially if their successes and contributions are not overlooked by the dominant society, we bring out a lot of confusion. Greetings to our icons!

As a woman who never saw herself as a fashion legend, April Walker has made great strides in the multi-billion dollar business. In fact, the signature street dress costumes have resulted in a very successful legacy that still plays a major role in hip hop culture today.

According to Walker, it could never have had an impact on urban fashion. “I didn’t grow up knowing that I would be following fashion, although even when I looked at it, I used to stretch my fashion to make wall collages with them,” she says. ET style just In memory of his youth, he humbly suggests, “I wore the finest clothes in high school and loved the art of ‘flying’.

For a woman who has just changed her famous way of expressing herself on the red carpet, Walker is heartbreaking. If you do not know its brand, Walker Wear, it just takes a quick Google search to find some of the hottest rappers like them Tupac, Famous Great, LL Cool J, and Jay-Z her unique sports are featured in photos and video shoots.

ENVIRONMENT IN MICKEY ROURKE'S LIGHT AT NELLO'S (Photo by Lawrence Schwartzwald / Sygma with Getty Images)

(Photo: Lawrence Schwartzwald / Sygma via Getty Images)

When we forgot and forgot about it as a healing jam session, it became clear: Walker Wear started with Walker’s love for hip hop. “I grew up in a love of music.” She admitted that she wanted to join the world of hip hop when she heard the beat, and that was not the only way she needed to run-mod. “When hip hop music came on stage, I had a natural love affair,” she explains. “Fashion is like a form of self-expression like music, but we didn’t have many alternatives. Brave Dan and a few others that were just starting out, so I decided to create one. “

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In 1987, the volunteer designer started his first workshop shop, Fashion In Impact. “There was a need for this style that existed. I knew my tribe was there, but they did not serve us,” she tells us. “I knew it was my passion, because I was all from the beginning. went inside. It was one that would wake me up early in the morning and one thing that would make me sleep late at night without complaining. I like it. ”

After building a team, Fashion In Impact will look to listen to the repeated requests of their customers. Some of these requirements are: baggier pants, deeper pockets, and bottoms that are made according to their Timbs. “All of these approvals made us suspect to start a clothing line,” he explains.

According to Walker, the brand was well received but it was not overnight. “Many of the steps that were taken were to build speed,” he says. “Remember, this is before the internet and before cell phones. So, rightly so, building a brand was a trial, error, word of mouth, trustworthiness and a lot of hustle. ”

FYI: Hustle was right. Walker created that one-the story of being the first woman to dominate the costume fashion game. It was also a way to open the door to women in distribution, while selling millions.

Despite all the successes achieved in the fashion industry, there were many trials ahead of the New Yorker. “I entered the fashion industry full of elitism and hierarchy,” he explains. “I was looking for this new way of hip hop, which was mostly eaten by men (men’s shirt). It was difficult.”

She continues, “Being a woman was not easy in the world of men. Finding a fundraiser for a new category that was not yet available was not easy, but still, we found a way to go with it. I thank my team for the many pressures. The right team will help you create and burn the dream. ”

According to Walker, there are benefits for women in the fashion industry right now. “There is a different energy now for women who have uncanny powers,” she shares. “It’s a wonderful time to be a businessman and Black women are one of those forces that do business.”

Recently, the Walker The Walker Wear RAW Series was launched as a collaborative campaign to share people’s stories and promote sustainability with visual content, narratives, and meaningful speeches. Each designer was chosen because Walker was truly a supporter of their work.

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This month, for Black History Month, the series began with a focus on American Black fashion stylists and costume designers and included RAW clothing or other Walker Wear styles. The campaign line has been launched across social media platforms.

Domo (@styledxdomo)

Domo (@styledxdomo)

(Photo by Walker Wear | Creative Director / Photographer: DOMO | Photographer Dani B: @ dvn1b)

“This project makes a lot of sense to me because it reflects Black styles, which are so versatile and time consuming, yet, not available from the same opportunity or press, as other ethnicities,” he shares. “We have to change them and celebrate. My hope is to continue the reciprocal behavior and show how co-operation creates vertical movement. It is also important to start addressing how changes can be made in the fashion industry to minimize “Be more diffuse, more responsible and more environmentally friendly. We want our planet to thrive in the future.”

Walker has also reopened the Walker Wear brand to bridge the generation gap and rekindle their love for creation and design. “It gives me a chance to learn how young people think about collaborating and working with them. In a sense, it relaxes me and my mind, it’s not dry, and that’s a good thing,” he adds theatrically.

As a living legend, he will move forward with the guidance of the staff, with advice and sharing of stones from his book, Walkergems, Give A $% From Your Bed. It also offers online classes for high school students who want to create and define their dreams in the BYOB (Show Yourself) course. “Together is better,” she declared.

** Editor’s Note: The interview has been edited and edited for clarity.

(Photo: Sincerely, April Walker)

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