Anthony Davis calls game, shouts out Kobe and saves the Lakers

Anthony Davis wanted to be the one to shoot the final shot on Sunday night, to show he can thrive in a big place.

He saw his opportunity. He did not miss.

After he did not allow the Lakers to throw Game 2 against the Nuggets, Davis does what millions of other people do every day on the pitch, at home, in the office, wherever there is a handy basket: He shouted, “Kobe ! “

The Lakers, in their Black Mamba shirts, were 105-103 victories after Davis’s 8/24 win. They were two winners away from the NBA Finals after drawing 2-0 in the Western Conference tournament.

Davis’s shot was the Lakers’ first-ever buzzer hit when he went from behind. . . Bryant ruled April 30, 2006, against Rojan.

“You never want to lose in these jerseys, you never want to lose,” he told TNT’s Allie LaForce in a post-match interview.

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Davis, despite all his regular seasons and achievements, still needs to pick up the “ringzzzz” and “clutch” when he plays in his first conference final. He took a big step in that direction with his rainbow on Denver Nikola Jokic.

“People are talking about never being in the moment, the pressure, I’m ready for it? I want to shoot those scenes. It’s part of the legacy. I want those shots, I want big-time games,” he told LaForce. re got.

“This is what they brought me here to make long-term plays,” he added.

Davis saw an open eye when Denver started with him on an indoor theater that lasted 2.1 seconds. LeBron James was double-teamed on his left side when Davis slipped his left arm behind him. Rajon Rondo followed him and Davis followed.

“We ran the show, it had to be for Bron. I looked at Rondo all the time,” Davis said.

The Lakers brought in Davis to build a 1-2 tandem superstar with James. Davis could not shake a sidekick kick with James’s side, but AD Sunday night in the final minutes as option no. He scored the last 10 points for LA to keep a team that was sagging under the pressure of Denver’s second-half comeback. He finished with a team of 31.

“It’s different,” he said. James told Spectrum SportsNet. “We’ve heard all voices in the last 48 hours about his talent, what he can do, some people (ESPN’s Maria Taylor) that he’s not on the All-NBA teams and things like that, so he just left and proved why he is one of the best players in the world. ”

In his presence with reporters in the Orlando bubble, James said he plays a Davis supporter in the second half.

“To be completely honest, s-, in the second half I trusted him, you know, and he brought us home,” James said in the context of Davis’ advice (clip per Ben Golliver from the Washington Post)

When gava Davis asked by TNT’s Charles Barkley why he is not aggressive on some nights, Davis dared to carry more.

“The games that I am attacking, he definitely takes over our team, he helps our team,” he said. “That’s going to be on my mind from now on. I try to go there and play the right way but sometimes, especially Bron, he always says to me, like, ‘Okay, it’ s enough, time to go to work, be aggressive, be the player you are, ” “Davis said.

In Game 2, he looked very much like a player who could win games in his last team. The success of Mamba-esque sealed it.

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