3 things we learned from South Carolina’s first win over Auburn since 1933

South Carolina – depending on when you were born – received a once-in-a-lifetime affair from Auburn.

The Gamecocks (2-2, 2-2 SEC) defeated the 15th Division (2-2, 2-2 SEC) at Williams-Brice Stadium, and a late comeback led to a 30-22 victory, the first program at Auburn from 2 December 1933, and first as a member of the SEC. It improves their all-time record with 2-10-1.

Muschamp will need a full-team effort from their players to secure their first win over Auburn: Quarterback Collin Hill completed 15 of 24 passes for 144 yards and one rebound with one touch, and added another point on the ground. The working game led by Kevin Harris (25 yards, 83 yards, two yards) and Deshaun Fenwick (12 yards, 68 yards) helped the Gamecocks achieve significant gains as well.

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But the South Carolina defense may have had the biggest impact in the game: It limited Bo Nix’s second quarter with a 24-of-47 pass to 272 yards and a touchdown, and they also blocked three. The elephants that Tank Bigsby ran back to were pretty good, jumping for 111 yards and a point 16 times, but it was not enough to pass Nix revenue.

Auburn late defensive stop gave Tigran a chance to send the game into extra time, but their 11-game, 71-game agent fell to South Carolina 9 when the Nix failed to make the fourth pass that time had passed.

With that said, here are three things we have learned from South Carolina’s tragic victory:

Struggling for Nix

Former five-star rector and son of legend Auburn Patrick Nix has fought hard in the last three games, which are 1-2 for Tigran. They have two crossings with four laps, 53.9 per cent of completion (62 out of 115) and 5.5 meters per attempt. Nix, described as a dual-threat QB, could not rely on his ability to run, or: he has 41 attempts for 141 yards – an average of 3.4 yard-per-yards – and one innings.

Is it enough for Auburn coach Gus Malzahn to think about going through second grade? It may be too early, but Malzahn’s offenses improve their run when they have a broken-game quarter. If Malzahn is unable to make some improvements around the Nix in future games, he will have to consider more options each passing week.

Thanks to Auburn, they face Ole Miss and LSU in their first two games: Those defenders averaged 43.5 points per game.

Auburn is out of the College Football Playoff competition

That’s a lot to pay, even in this impressive COVID-19 season: No team has lost two games and the last four teams have not won the Playoffs. That said, there is still a lot for Auburn to play, as far as next season is concerned.

The last time Auburn started 2-2 was in 2016, and since then, three of the Pilgrims’ opponents have been ranked: No. 2 Clemson, No. 17 Texas A&M and No. 18 LSU. The good news is that, after a 1-2 start that year, the Malzahn team responded with six wins to end 8-5 and face Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl.

If the Piling want to leave themselves for a respectable cup – perhaps a 6th day New Year’s cup – then they will have to respond with the same team in 2016. ONE the success of the discussion on Arkansas on Oct. 10 she defends the possibility, but all hopes of saving this season begin with a trip to Vaught Hemingway to capture Ole Miss.

Jaycee Horn came forward in perfect times

Prior to Saturday’s game, the small junior corner – despite focusing on the NFL first-team draft pick – had no obstacles in two extra-seasons, two forced fumbles, 25 passing deflections and three fouls.

Horn was targeted eight times by the Nix on Saturday, allowing only two saves and five passes to be broken. He also secured two of Gamecocks three runs, even against Auburn’s main receiver, Seth Williams.

It was a perfect moment for Horn to finish his first INTER of his career and the stat line-up was to match his level of play on the field.

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